Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Celebrating baby "O"

On Saturday Jessica and I hosted a little baby shower gathering for our sweet friend Jenna. Just short of a year have I known Jenna. We meet at our winter Be Crafty creative weekend retreat. I felt an instant friendship and am in awe by her creativeness, and her passion for her handmade business. 

After finding out Jenna was expecting Jessica and I thought it would be fun to throw her a little shower at our studio.  With Jenna's love for sewing and fabric we knew we had to have a vintage fabric theme.

We hung fabric wrapped lampshades from the ceiling along with my hanky lampshade that I added lance and pom pom yarn too. 

This past spring while out thrifting I found these beautiful pink plates. I was so excited to finally have the chance to use them at a party. Each place setting had a pink plate, and a different patterned hanky for their napkin.  Lace and glitter yarn were wrapped around the painted bamboo silverware. 

Look at this cake. Yes it was at good as it looked!!! I will admit that it is my all time favorite, vanilla coconut.  I convinced Jessica that we had to get it for the shower. If you are in Minneapolis check out YUM. They will sell you just a piece, and you will probably hate me for telling you because you will want to eat an entire cake ... 

With a crafty group, we had to have a little crafting fun as we all know baby "O" will one day grow up to love crafting.  We each painted and stamped with doily stencils creating cute onesies for Jenna to take home with her. I have heard that you can never have enough onesies. 

As we sat around the table eating cake, smelling the beautiful flowers, laughing and hearing all about the dream's Jenna has for her new family and Baby "O".  I soaked in the day as we gathered and celebrated. I pray daily for Jenna and all the new mom's as they take this new journey into motherhood.


  1. Yay friend!! What a sweet afternoon! So excited to meet baby O!!!

  2. Where did you find that stunning pink runner! Adorable party.

  3. Amy, It is actually just fabric that we laid across the table.

  4. such a gorgeous day you guys created for her!!

  5. girrrrl. this is one beautiful shower.
    any knocked up girl would be lucky to have you as a friend. :)

    i bet jenna appreciated this day so much!

  6. Feeling like the luckiest mama ever. I can't wait to someday show baby O how much she was loved before she was even here yet.

  7. What a gift that lovely shower and your thoughtfulness must have been to her.

  8. This post made me tear up. I had no idea that you guys were new friends. When I met you, I thought you had been friends forever - there was a gentle kindness between you two - and a strength and loyalty. The stuff old friends are made of. Love you guys!

  9. Oh this baby shower looks perfectly dreamy.. I love all the details. And the CAKE! Wow.